JetBackup - What is JetBackup and how can I use it?

JetBackup is the most popular backup software used to backup cPanel servers due to the software being more advanced than the default backup system included with cPanel itself.

We use JetBackup to back up our servers to our disaster recovery server service called StorageSpider located within the same datacentre but not the same server or even rack in a server room for extra peace of mind. We regularly also send these backups to a remote offsite backup server hosted in a specialised backup system hosted in France using state of the art AES CBC encryption for even more extra peace of mind.

Back to JetBackup; this excellent software allows you to generate and download a copy of your site as it is right now by using the snapshot feature, as well as grants you access to the backups we've already taken.  Usually, there is one restoration point per night, and we keep 7 to 31 restoration points at a time.

If you want to generate and/or download a full backup of your account or even partial backups of your account as it is right now you will want to do that via cPanel -> JetBackup -> Snapshots and click "Create new Snapshot". 

Please note: this will only work if your backup is no more than 5GB in filesize and is not using more than 200,000 inodes. Also, you can only have 1 Snapshot per account, and the Snapshots are deleted automatically after 3 days. If your backup is over that limit but would still like a copy of it, please create a ticket, and we will generate the backup for you.

There are numerous options with JetBackup such as Full Account Backups, File Backups and Database Backups to name a few. You may check the features in full at the official JetBackup website here

IMPORTANT: The JetBackup System is our disaster recovery platform, and while we let you use it, we do not guarantee that it will meet your needs or that it will be accessible at all times and under all circumstances.  We offer JetBackup on a best-effort basis, and there will be occasions where maintenance or other problems result in the system being unavailable for end-user access.

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