What are your CloudLinux limits set to for your Shared hosting and Reseller hosting plans?

Unlike the majority of providers who use the very low CloudLinux limits like below:

  • CPU Speed = 0.25% Speed
  • Memory = 256 MB
  • 100k Inodes
  • 5 Concurrent Connections
  • 50 Total Processes
  • 10 MySQL Connections
  • 1 MBPS I/O

HostXNow allows much higher resources to be used, as can be seen below. You can confirm this by checking in cPanel - Metrics - CPU and Concurrent Connection Usage

X1 - 1 CPU - FAST Plan

  • CPU Speed = 100% Speed
  • Memory = 1 GB
  • 250,00 Inodes
  • 25 Concurrent Connections
  • 150 Total Processes
  • 30 MySQL Connections
  • 50 MBPS I/O

X2 - 2 CPUs - FASTER Plan

  • CPU Speed = 200% Speed
  • Memory = 2 GB
  • 300,00 Inodes
  • 30 Concurrent Connections
  • 160 Total Processes
  • 30 MySQL Connections
  • 60 MBPS I/O

X4 - 4 CPUs - FASTEST Plan

  • CPU Speed = 400% Speed
  • Memory = 4 GB
  • 400,00 Inodes
  • 40 Concurrent Connections
  • 180 Total Processes
  • 30 MySQL Connections
  • 80 MBPS I/O

If needed, any of the above limits can be increased for legit usage (i.e no stress testing).

These are the only limits we have in place. Also, for Resellers, the limits are per subaccount not the whole Reseller account i.e resources are not shared between all cPanel accounts hosted under the Reseller, rather the resources can be used for each cPanel account (better!).

These are some of the reasons why our Shared SSD Hosting plans and our Reseller SSD Hosting plans are much faster compared to our competitors.

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