Legal Document Templates

About the Legal Document Templates

The legal document templates are a set of draft documents consisting of:

  • Terms of Service
  • Privacy Policy
  • Acceptable Use Policy

And provided in the format .doc or .docx.

You can then modify these documents to match your business requirements.

These documents do not reflect the HostXNow policies, this is because of the wide range of services we provide, different conditions are applicable to different services. You must modify these documents to appropriately reflect your terms and conditions and the terms and condition you have agreed to when joining HostXNow.

The document includes certain keywords which allow you to mass find & replace. As such, with a few clicks you can have the entire document referencing your URLs and company name.

HostXNow provides these documents as templates only in a draft state. We strongly recommend you seek legal advice for these documents to ensure you are within the law and the documents cover all the areas & aspects of your business you want it to cover

To Acquire the Documents

These documents are available for download from within the downloads area of your reseller product in the client area ( - requires that you login).

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