How to contact HostXNow?

To submit a support ticket please click on the Client Area link in our navigation bar and then click Submit Ticket to submit a ticket.

You will first have to choose a department. If you want to ask Support related questions about your account, please click support. If you have any Sales Questions before you buy a package from us, click that and submit. If you are an existing client who has a question about your bill or how you are billed, click billing and submit your question.

In the form provided please give us a valid name and a valid email address so we know how to address you and where to answer your question. Give us a short subject, generally the problem or question you might have, and then elaborate in the description. Select your Urgency level, put in the Captcha if you are not logged in and click submit.

Please allow up to 12 hours for someone to get back to you. And please make sure you submit your ticket to the right department otherwise this will heavily delay your response because now the ticket has to be bounced to the correct department and it will be put at the end of the line. 

Use our Support ticket system to ask any and all questions.

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